December 2, 2016

Encouraging Early Language & Literacy Opportunities in Teen Parent-Child Relationships

Presenter: Tiedra Marshall, Family Support Coordinator with the Center for Schools and Communities

Parents are afforded the opportunity to influence their child’s development through a myriad of high quality interactions. Introducing literacy into a child’s life is one of many ways a parent can engage in enriching opportunities that influence their child’s overall wellbeing. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents start reading out loud to their children from the time they are born. Children who are exposed early and often to reading reap many benefits including better vocabulary and increased ability to pay attention, and are better prepared to enter kindergarten. Despite these outcomes, some teen parents find it challenging to create a rich literacy environment for their child. This webinar will explore practical strategies that teen parents can use to expose their child to high quality literary and linguistic experiences. Participants will identify the strengths and abilities that teen parents possess and can use to incorporate language and literacy into their interactions with their child.


Slides (PDF)

Handout (PDF) 



November 4, 2016

Helping Students Set and Achieve Meaningful Goals

Presenter: Amy Moritz, Youth Development Program Coordinator at the Center for Schools and Communities  

It happens every year…. many of us set goals in January and by February, we have forgotten about those goals and gone back to our old habits. Research tells us that the key to attaining our goals is that they are meaningful, attainable and that we have a solid plan to achieve them. People with plans are more likely to get started and stay on track and those who think ahead about their most likely obstacles have even more success. In this webinar, we will cover the critical components of goal setting, action planning and how you can guide your students through this process so they feel empowered and are more likely to realize their goals.


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Handout: Motivational Interview - Sample (Word)

Handout: Motivational Interview (Word)  



October 7, 2016

Teen Parents and Child Care Subsidies

The Child Care Subsidy program provides funding to help low income families pay for child care in order to work and/or attend training.  Understanding this subsidy program can be confusing, particularly with current and upcoming changes from the Child Care Development Block Grant Reauthorization. Participants in this webinar will first navigate the Subsidy eligibility process and office structure.  Then, details will be discussed concerning the Child Care Development Block Grant Reauthorization. What is it and what elements may change in the future?

The presenters are Shana King and Melissa Libertini, Policy Human Services Program Specialists with the Bureau of Subsidized Child Care for the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL).




June 27 and June 28, 2016

Mandatory Commonwealth Workforce Development System (CWDS) Training for ELECT Programs

A mandatory online training regarding CWDS was held on July 27 and repeated again on July 28. The Program Coordinator, Data Entry Specialist, and the back-up data entry staff person from each ELECT program were asked to attend the online training. The recording and files referenced in the session are listed below.


Recording of 6-28-2016 training

Slides (PDF)

Instructions for Completing the CWDS User Agreement and Access Form (PDF) 

CWDS ELECT Data Entry User Guide (PDF)

CWDS Management Directive Form (PDF)


ELECT DHS Policy Desk Guide (PDF)

ELECT Manual Attachment A: Application for Family Works Services (PDF)

ELECT Manual Attachment B: Acknowledgement of Paternity Form (PDF)