Domestic Violence

Domestic violence occurs within a family or intimate relationship as a way to control another person. Victims suffer physical injury, live in fear in their homes, and lose power over their lives. Domestic violence (sometimes referred to teen dating violence) includes:
  • Physical Abuse hitting, slapping, shoving, kicking, punching, burning, choking, not allowing you to leave home, using objects to cause injury (guns, knives, baseball bats, etc.).
  • Mental Abuse – threats, telling you what you can or cannot do, name-calling, put-downs.
  • Sexual Abuse rape, unwanted touching, forcing sexual acts, refusing to practice safe sex.
  • Property or Economic Abuse stealing or destroying personal belongings, hurting pets, taking money, withholding basic needs such as food and clothing, not allowing you to work.

Additional Information
National Teen Dating Violence
Website and hotline.

PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Provides resources in Pennsylvania including local programs and advocacy support.

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Provides resources and referrals nationwide including local programs and education.

Family Violence Prevention Fund
Provides resources with particular info on child witnesses and for healthcare workers.

Published Resource
The Facts on Teenagers and Intimate Partner Violence