Overview of ELECT

In 1990, a unique partnership was established between the Pennsylvania Departments of Public Welfare and Education which resulted in the creation of the Education Leading to Employment and Career Training (ELECT) Initiative. ELECT was designed to expand the services of existing teen parent programs and provide comprehensive support services to students who meet the income eligibility requirements. The programs are voluntary and the duration of program enrollment extends to graduation or age 22. From 1990-1999, only expectant or custodial teen parents who are enrolled in school and receiving TANF benefits were eligible for ELECT. In 1999, the ELECT Program expanded the eligibility requirements to include:

  • Expectant and custodial/non custodial teen parents receiving Food Stamp (FS) benefits.
  • Expectant and teen parents enrolled in an approved General Equivalency Diploma (GED) program.
  • Expectant, custodial/non custodial young fathers who are enrolled in school or an approved GED program whose personal gross earned income does not exceed 235% of the Federal Poverty Income Guideline (FPIG) which must be verified.


2001 saw the creation of the ELECT Fatherhood Initiative (EFI). The Family Works Initiative (FW) began which permitted:

  • Custodial/non-custodial pregnant and parenting teens, enrolled in school or GED program.
  • And personal income less than 235% Federal Poverty Income Level.


In addition to the core services, ELECT requires:

  • Intensive case management
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Summer programming
  • Community collaboration
  • Student record keeping
  • Data collection
  • Transitional services